't Klein Huizeke

The cottage is located right in the center near the church.


Within walking distance you will find: 2 pharmacies, 3 cafes, several GPs, a variety of bakeries, a butchery, 2 newsagents, 2 chip shops, convenience stores, banks, warehouses and a chicken stall on Sunday.

foto door Erwin Acke

Hooglede is 5.5 km from Roeselare; a city with shopping center where there are plenty of Trendy bars, lovely bistros and stylish restaurants.
On Tuesday there is a weakly market  in Roeselare.



Due to its panoramic view of the region, Hooglede often played an important role in the numerous wars that took place throughout history.

In the two World Wars Hooglede-Gits suffered greatly from hostilities which still shows.

Local sights: The church tower used as a lookout station during the Great War,  German Military Cemetery,  2 Cycle Routes 14-18,  Westhoek Memorials in Hooglede-Gits, Welcome Pavilion at the German Military Cemetery, shelter and various war memorials.